Tracking – $20/hour. $150 for a full 8 hour day.*

Mixing – $100 flat rate. Includes 2 revisions. Instrumental available on request.

Editing – $20/hour.

Instrumental Production – $20/hour.

*Additional charges apply for tracking live performances or for specifying a location

The Producer’s Role

During a recording project, the producer wears more hats than a baseball team. He’s an engineer – placing microphones and pressing “record.” He’s a coach – bringing out the musicians’ best. He’s an arranger – applying music theory to fit the musical puzzle pieces together. He’s a mediator, a technician, a market analyst, a tone-setter, a gear-mover, and a creator.

The producer adopts the artist’s project as his own and takes responsibility for ensuring a great final product, filling many roles at one time.

Why an Hourly Rate?

I used to have a flat rate per project, and I would do the whole shebang for that one price – tracking, production and mixing. This had many problems. Tracking sessions sometimes ran long into the night, and musicians tend to not play as well at midnight. An hourly rate keeps everyone focused on the task at hand, and efficiency leads to a higher quality product. When mixing and producing, the songs could turn out “over-mixed,” with everyone second-guessing all the decisions, because the whole process took too long and had no guidelines. Creativity flourishes within guidelines.

Being relaxed, creative, and comfortable in the studio will always be a priority.